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Office, Stationery & Supplies

Could you reduce your business costs? Here at Makro we cater our office supplies to be used at home or at a business which includes paper, binders, printer ink, printers, shreddersdata storage and dividers. Makro stock brands like Casio, Xerox and HP. Also you can now follow us on a number of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

  • Desk Essentials

    Including binders, shredders, stationary, glue, tape, staplers, and hole punches
  • Filing & Storage

    Including clipboards, dividers, ringbinders, and wallets
  • Mailing Supplies

    Including envelopes, paper, wrap, string, scissors, scales, and stamps
  • Writing Essentials

    Including highlighters, pens, markers, pencils, fineliners, and correction fluid
  • Office Catering Supplies

    Including coffee machines, kettles, and water boilers
  • Office Cleaning Supplies

    Including hand dryers, cloths, towels, vacuum cleaners, bins, brooms, brushes, soap, and paper towels
  • Office Furniture

    Including bookcases, filing cabinets, and chairs
  • Office Security

    Including cash registers, lighting, safes, CCTV, and fire safety
  • Telephones & Accessories

    Including answering machines, fax machines, telephones, and pay phones
  • Computer Accessories

    Including monitors, computer accessories, and data storage
  • Printers

    Including pads, notebooks, paper, printer ink cartridges, and printers
  • Paper

    Including Computer Craft, Decadry, Motif, Sigma and Xerox