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Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions

Makro has a wide variety of cleaning solutions including floor cleaners, general cleaners, glass cleaners, kitchen cleaners and toilet cleaners with great brands such as Cif, Cillit Bang, Dettol, Flash, Glade, Mr Muscle, Nilco, Vanish, Deepio, Domestos, Harpic and Parazone. Also you can now follow us on a number of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter

  • General Cleaning

    Including Brasso, Buster, Cif, Cillit Bang, Dettol, Flash, Green Shiled, Mr Muscle and Mr Sheen
  • Kitchen Cleaners

    Including Brillo, Buster, Cif, Cillit Bang, Deepio, Dettol, Mr Muscle, Nilco and Suma
  • Floor Cleaners

    Including Cif, Cillit Bang, Dettol, Flash, Glade, Horeca Select, Mr Muscle, Nilco and Vanish
  • Glass Cleaners

    Including Flash, Horeca Select and Nilco
  • Toilet Cleaning

    Including Aro, Bloo, Domestos, Harpic, Jeyes, Nilco, Parazone and Toilet Duck
  • Other Solutions

    Including Bin Buddy, Max, Mr Muscle, Nilco, Scaleway and Scotchbrite