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There are times when disposable catering products can be very useful and at Makro we have everything you could possibly need. We have disposable platesnapkinscutlerytable covers and platters that can be cleared away easily and mean less washing up. Our range of disposable cups and straws are perfect for parties and our disposable takeaway bags and containers will enable people to take their favourite dishes home. We also have a range of disposable party items that have been specially designed with vibrant patterns.
  • Bowls & Dishes

    Including Chinet, Easystyle, Horeca Select and Makro Quality
  • Cups

    Including Aro, Booker Basics, Caterpack, Chef's Essentials, Chef's Larder, Rioba and Infiniti
  • Cutlery

    Including Aro, Booker Basics, Duni, Horeca Select and Plastico
  • Napkins

    Including Aro, Booker Basics, Chef's Larder, Duni, Duniletto, Dunilin, H-Line, Poppies and Tork
  • Party Range

    Click here to buy now
  • Plates

    Including Aro, Baco, Chinet, Horeca Select, Jena and Makro Quality
  • Platters

    Including Aro, Duni, Horeca Select and Jena
  • Straws

    Including Caterpack and Horeca Select
  • Table Covers

    Including Aro, Duni, Dunicel, Dunisilk and H-Line